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An apathetic smart-ass.
Person: Oh man, my cat just died.
Nayid: Sounds like a personal problem.
by N0b0dy May 19, 2012
Of unknown origin, used 21 cen. AD by residents of #JJ2
Of, or pertaining to reg ;)
Always lowercase reg ;)
alternative: reg ;D
Slayo reg ;)
by N0B0DY November 18, 2003
Describes aggressive requests & hounding behavior in video chatrooms to a female chatter. A Turk can usually be discovered through their persistent use of the phrase "open bobbs!" (sic.) as a command to female cammers.

Turks are always unsucessfull at getting girls naked, however this does not stop them from becoming more persistent and more aggressive, until they are kicked from a room.

See White Knights and Cock Blocking for related behavior.
John: "Come on Susie, show us your boobs!"
Steve: "John, you're such a turk."
by n0b0dy September 17, 2012

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