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A washed-up, cocaine-fiending wrestler who can only stay out of jail long enough to get arrested while on a coke binge.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear Lex Luger is in jail again?
Person 2: Won't he die already?

Person 1: What the difference between Lex Luger and an illegal immigrant?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: An illegal immigrant can't come into the country, and Lex Luger can't leave the country because he has warrants.
by N.O. Treal December 27, 2005
Noun: A physically undesirable woman. She usually emerges from her place of dwelling (usually a cave) to attend parties in the hopes that they will hook up with a guy too drunk to realize how terrible she is. Terribles are usually are a breed of nuthugger, who will latch onto one intoxicated man in particular and will strike without warning.
Calling someone a terrible is funny because it uses an adjective as a noun.

by N.O. Treal December 19, 2005
Noun: A woman who no one really knows at a party, but still sketches/sluts around like she knows everyone. Not necessarily a terrible or nuthugger, a random can be appealing to a drunk guy, and hooking up with her can result in props from friends.
Dude, Nate hooked up with a random last night!!

Looks like there are some fuckable randoms in this piece tonight!!

Calling someone a random is funny because its using an adjective as a noun.
by N.O. Treal December 19, 2005
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