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2 definitions by N. Hodgson

To sniff a recently used seat. This practice specifically refers to bicycle seat sniffing, though can refer to any seat. It is also usual practice to gaboon a seat that has been sat on by another, preferably unknown to yourself, person.
I feel like gabooning the sweatiest bicycle.
by N. Hodgson January 05, 2008

This is the singular variant of seagulling. It takes a brave man to do it, but it involves hiding on your own in an area that you know a group are about to have sex in. When they finish you run round them flapping your arms like a seagull preferably ejaculating all over the group having sex.

The crucial difference is that you have to do this on your own.

AKA Solo - Seagulling
Solo - Gulling
I Rakaked (past tense of rakaking)Matt and Katie at the tennis court yesterday. It was great; I hid behind the net and came on Katie's shoulder as I flew past her.
by N. Hodgson September 21, 2008