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Removal of the testes for attitude adjustment in male animals; castrate, neuter.
deduded, dedudement, deduding.
"I had my stallion deduded yesterday, so now he is a gelding."

"Really? My dog Barney is scheduled for dedudement next week. Not sure when to dedude the cat."
by N. Berry March 20, 2007
Gomer - An obnoxious, pushy, rude person who thinks they are all that and a fudge brownie, who persists in hanging around where they are not wanted. A gomer can butt into private conversations at work, show up uninvited at parties, or on internet chat rooms and bulletin boards. They usually have an over-blown sense of their own worth which no one else shares.
How can Bard _not_ realize that everyone wishes he would go away. He's obnoxious, stupid, and clueless. He's uninteresting, not witty, and not wanted. What a gomer!
by N. Berry March 20, 2007
Ovaknot - That white, slimy, springy lump of tissue that rests on a raw egg yolk and connects the white of an egg to its yolk. Usually there are 2 well-defined ovaknots per egg, occasionally they are almost non-existant.
"Please pick the ovaknots out of the eggs before you scamble them; they are terribly gross."
"You are crazy. Pick the ovaknots out yourself if they bother you."
by N. Berry March 20, 2007
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