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The act of artificially augmenting any area of science or non-science endeavor with the mystery, validity, and nobility of true neuroscience by simply adding the prefix neuro- to the moniker.
A bout of neurofication: I just studied Neuro-linguistic Programming and now I can conquer all of my neurotic tendencies, influence enemies, make tons of friends, and have a deep insight into the physiology of the brain - all in an online, 10-week course with University of Phoenix. Next, I am studying neural network mapping and neurodancing into the neuromarketing fMRI to assess how much I like Mattel toys and Colt .45 Malt liquor. Afterwards, I am going to cool down with some neurobabes at the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke at NIH and get it on in a neurotypical fashion, exciting my bilateral inferior temporal, right insular, inferior right frontal and bilateral anterior cingulate cortices to the point of neurorgasm.
#neuro #neurolyze #pseudoscience #neurologic #neuropsychological
by N-goo August 14, 2008
A vehicle so vagorific that random women will climb into the passenger seat and wait for the owner to return while the car sits in a parking lot.
Tangwagon - See Ferrari 360 Spyder.
#poonwagon #pussywagon #porsche #ferrari #lamborghini #bugatti
by N-goo February 06, 2011
A terrifically feminine thing.
Stella: I just went down to the Organic food store and bought the most vagorific cucumber, DeeDee!
#vagina #terrific #vaginocentric #vagocentric #vaginal #female #glee #ecstasy
by N-goo February 06, 2011
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