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2 definitions by N-Rich

aka a B.P. is a real cheap and easy way to get real nasty real fast! Consists of one part Vodka, one part Four Loko poured into a shot glass and taken straight to the face at a consistent pace to efficiently reach the point of being hammered. When hammered under the influence of B.P.'s the combination of the Four Loko's energizing kick and Vodkas' ability to get the job done often results in a belligerent state of mind. B.P.'s will often bring out a side of a person that is rarely shown.
Give me 20 bucks and I can get four of us real nasty on some belligerent prick s
by N-Rich July 11, 2011
The act of getting your style/swag on and rollin' out to do some gangsta shit.
hey man we finna head to the club soon?" "hell yea let's Joc n Roll right now!
by N-Rich July 03, 2011