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Northern section of Weymouth Massachusetts

All the kid's who cant afford catholic school go to Wessegusset.

N-Dub is the "ghetto" of Weymouth

With all the older residents passing away or moving some money has been moving in over the last 20 years and N-Dub has become one of few "blue collar" sections that gave Weymouth its hard nosed reputation for so long. Kids still have attitude but most dont back it up cause the FUBU on thier back and the nice car in there driveway isn't from working or being an actual Gangsta. Its from mommy and daddys bank account

Location: Other definition is wrong, person who wrote it obviously doesnt live in N-Dub cause the boundries r basically the water and it extends around great esker park and ends at the bottom of king oak hill. After you go under the bridge you are no longer in N-Dub

Unfortunately I have come to realize that Weymouth is no longer the town it used to be, kids used to be hard nosed and would punch you in the face if challenged. The last of the hard nosed Weymouth kids are slowly dying out. I have noticed this in my past few years at Weymouth High. The class of 04 was pretty hardnosed as was the class of 05, but from 06 on the money can be noticed and within the next ten years I fear Weymouth will be "Just another South Shore town" but I know that N-Dub will hold on to the routes that made Weymouth great.
N-Dub kids are'nt afraid to play in Beal park
N-Dub is often mistaken as Quincy the town to its Eastern boarder.
N-Dubbers know what really goes down at Pisces 24 hour fish store.
N-Dub is the home of George Young.
by N-Dub kid March 13, 2006

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