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Friday night mother fucker in a 40 oz. This shit gets you drunk! 9.0% alcohol content leaves you thirsty for more after the first sip. Tastes like rubbing alcohol mixed with Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Run down to Joe-Bob's Bottle Shop and get me a Camo Ice. I need to drink myself into a coma after this damn week.
by N-Dizzle March 11, 2005
A truncation of Jack Dangers' last name. Jack Dangers is part of the duo known as Meat Beat Manifesto with Jonny Stephens.
Danger is part of Dangers: Jack's last name.
by N-Dizzle March 16, 2004
Sticky Nugs
N-Dizzle: "I got snuggly last night."
Ashcroft: "Schweeet!"
by N-Dizzle March 16, 2004
1. Well, havin yo salad tossed, means havin yo asshole eaten out wit jelly or syrup.
2. A great punishment for little kids!
3. What happens to you in prison to get initiated.
4. Wonderful after-school activity
Hey man, you want those drugs? You'll have to toss my salad. And I prefer syrup!
by N-Dizzle May 07, 2005
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