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Phrase coined by author Christopher Moore to refer to a female companion whose sole contribution to a relationship is the provision of sexual gratification. Can also refer to a male. Implies that, apart from looking good and having sex, the person has no other redeeming qualities.
"Fuck puppets. Every one of them has an apartment that some older executive guy is paying for - just like he paid for the health-club membership and the fake tits. They spend their days getting facials and manicures, and their nights under some suit out of his suit."
"So they're like mistresses?" Charlie said. "Like in Europe?"
"I suppose," Ray said. "But did you ever get the impression that mistresses worked this hard to look good? I think fuck puppet is more accurate, because when they get too old to hold the attention of their guy, they've got nothing more going. They'll be done, like marionettes with no one at the strings."
by N E B October 01, 2007
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