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3 definitions by N'awlins

See New Wallens

Another Way of Sayin New Orleans or Nawlins. Best City in Louisiana.
Main! New Wallens Got tha Food. Drunk too much... shit is cheap down dere.
by N'awlins August 01, 2005
139 96
Yanked up version of N'awlins... the proper way to pronounce New Orleans...
Went to JazzFest in N'awlins; kicked MardiGras tail.
by N'awlins August 01, 2005
18 33
1) Place to see the original JazzFest;

2) Place to see the United States second oldest Mardi Gras celebration;

3) A city of sin (lust, greed, violence) in the State of Louisiana.
I'm going to N'awlins to watch the Saints lose again.
by N'awlins August 01, 2005
64 120