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Bone Structure techinally means, the bones in your body that you want to feel again.
|| Her bone structure screams touch her, touch her. ||

" Touch my body, & make me scream "

" I love the way you make my bones feel good "

" The strcture in my body is healed "
by Mystique Humphrey March 11, 2007
When you get pleasured, by yourself, or another person/object, it's like a orgasm, but a better feeling than one.
While having sex, or masterbaiting (etc) : " OHHHHh baby!! oOOh!!! ooooh!!!!! "

" Give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh. "

" That feels soooooo good!! "

" You just gave me a orgasmic! "
by Mystique Humphrey March 11, 2007

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