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When you hear a song on the radio and you think the singer is really good looking and then watch a music video and discover they are creepy and pedofile like.
"Oh did you watch the music video?" -Brittany
"Yeah, it was just a TrainTrick!!" -Madyson
by MysteryMustaches May 07, 2010
When an obssessed shopaholic's shopping bags get so overfilled that their husbands often use them as dumbbells
"Honey can I have my Tommy Hilfiger bag yet?" - Madonna
"No, I'm shop lifting! My muscles feel great!" - Brad
by MysteryMustaches May 07, 2010
When a young girl has pounds and pounds of pig fat in her purse to impress her friends and her boyfriend/husband.
"Did you see Jessica's fat bag?!" -Brittany
"Yeah it was totally awesome!!" -Madyson
"Yeahhh!!" -Anthony
by MysteryMustaches May 07, 2010
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