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The best college in the North-West of England, not merely because of its results, but because of the wonderful, down-to-earth students who inhabit it. Snobs are few and far between. The grade point system is simply a necessity, as so many compete to share in the true Winstanley experience. Winstanley students are full of fun, have a zest for life, are dedicated, and can actually spell! However, some jealous people who are either peeved at not achieving good enough grades to enter, or were simply unsociable during their time here, think otherwise. Oh well.
Person 1: What’s life like at Winstanley college?

Person 2: It’s great! We have so much freedom, great friends, fab teachers and get good results because we really enjoy our time here

Person 1: sigh I wish I went to Winstanley college too!
#college #results #fun #england #peeved
by Mystery Student April 16, 2008
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