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murder or manslaughter perpetrated by a driver who was texting while driving a vehicle
Hrmm... phone in hand, reports of swerving in and out of the oncoming late, and a dead person in the other car... yep, looks like a clear cut case of texticular homicide! Put the phone down mam' and get out of the car. I SAID PUT THE PHONE DOWN! NOW!!! ...YES GOD DAMMIT...NOW!
by Mystery Meat 4U October 21, 2010
Someone that idolizes Steve Jobs


a female under Steve Job's Desk
He has every generation of iPod ever made. He is such a Jobs Knobber
by Mystery Meat 4U October 20, 2010
a short psychiatrist
I can't meet you for coffee. I have an appointment with my shrinket today.
by Mystery Meat 4U October 21, 2010

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