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A Chinese take out joint in the 'hood with bullet proof glass. This type of "restaurant" services it's customers through a hole in bullet resistant window. Sometimes this aperture in the bullet proof membrane between the Chinese and the eater of food is a small revolving door big enough for a Chinese meal. This protects the purveyor of Asian foods from direct contact with the unwashed urban masses, and their fire arms related hi-jinx. More often than not, the bulletproof Chinese restaurant will also not have tables, since they want you leave as soon as the mystery meat has spun it's way through the revolving door. Often these types of places will server two chicken wings for two dollars, and cigarillos. Make sure your food doesn't meow!
"Hey Elliot, do you want to hit up the bulletproof Chinese on the way back home?"
by Mysteriousdischarge August 19, 2010
When the only thing holding up the deceased's corpse is the rapid cycling of bullets through the chest cavity. This causes the hapless chump to gyrate, as if they were dancing due to the impact of bullets.
When ED-209 blasted that stuffed shirt in Robocop, he did the machinegun cha-cha.

youtube the video: "Robocop - Only a Glitch scene"
by Mysteriousdischarge August 19, 2010
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