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Whilst having sex doggy-style, pulling out a set of hair clippers and shaving your partners head.
After she cheated on me, My ex called for some ex-sex. I britney speared her and sent her packing to her new boy-toy
by Mykie G April 09, 2010
Inability to focus on ones surroundings due to overattending your cellular device. Oblivious to outside stimuli whilst talking, texting or otherwise engaging in cell phone use.
She ran into that car while texting on her phone, She was REALLY lost in cellphoria.
by Mykie G August 08, 2010
Gathering or inventing facts and information to support what you already believe.

Finding supporting evidence AFTER you've made up your mind already, in an attempt to impose your opinion as fact.
He's been a MIAMI HEAT fan since 02', If you ask him why he'll say "Lebron". Retro-Logic
by Mykie G July 12, 2010
-Verb - ( FUK-all-LAT) To dismiss, verbally, any further involvement in current activities.
A proclomation, describing ones aversion to all persons and situations in the immediate vicinity.
" Hey you wanna go to the hood and flash gang signs?"

"Fucallat! You guys can go, i'll be smoking pot at the house"!!
by Mykie G January 31, 2011
(noun) pathology: The condition surrounding boring reality television. Using out of context editing, dramatic music or just plain obscurity to liven up lack-luster T.V.
"The Real World" would have been canceled long ago had it not been for the producers horrible D.E.S. (Dramatic Editing Syndrome).
by Mykie G September 15, 2010

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