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the act of shoving your thumb up someone's arse.(butt hole)
this is commonly done as self defence and is often followed by a rear naked choke.

wrestlers call it "checking for oil"

porn stars call it "the thumb blast"

*the term was coined in MMA fighter Forrest Griffin's book, "Got Fight?".
I'm not afraid of that bully, he won't be able to stand my "asian dart".
by Mykel Warick April 19, 2010
1. The act of bursting the head of your penis into the vagina of a jewish female; often to Anne Frank.

*A large amount of blood loss occurs to the male during a nazi volcano. Oftentimes surgery is requred afterwards.
"Hey Jean Claude, how's your new jewish girl friend?"
"she's great! I nazi volcano'd her last night."
"no way?"
"yes way, there was blood all up her vaginukkah"
"great job!"
by Mykel Warick April 18, 2010
vajinukkah- noun. a vagina of a Jewish female.
"Adam, are you trying to seduce me?"
"Yes Ms. Goldstein, I want your vajinukkah"
by Mykel Warick April 19, 2010

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