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To quote Bill Haley, who prety much invented rock, it is volatile mix of country and pop. At least, originally it was. It has its roots with black R&B dudes and folk singer type guys. Then white people started mixing it with country & pop (see above), and it started to become rock 'n' roll. Starting in the mid '50s, people such as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presely, and others created a whole new genre. In teh early '60s, surf bands like the Beach Boys and others started chaning it a bit. y the late '60s, it started to lose sight of its purpose. Hippies started transforming it from realtively short and fast songs into long, slow, boring songs about God-knows-what. By the '70s, bands like the Ramones starting to bring it back to its roots, only with a harder edge. Around this time, metal was created. Metal is hardly rock. Then it got pop-ified in the '80s, then it transformed into a bland, repetitive, boring commerical music in the '90s, finally being pashed out of mainstream society by metalheads and ganster rap people.
1. Lou Reed is a great writer. His song, Rock 'n' Roll, is a great song.
2. The Ramones saved rock.
by Myajd jdg June 23, 2005
A wierdo person who just is... weird.
See: Jeff Hyman AKA Joey Ramone
by Myajd jdg July 29, 2005
Legendary Chrysler V8, characterized by hemispherical combustion chambers. Chrysler Hemi's date back to 1951; however, most are more familar with the 426 Hemi that originated in 1964. The current 'Hemi' used in Chrysler's is not a true Hemi. Thanks alot, Germany.
A special race-prepped 426 Hemi powered the '68 MoPar/Hurst Super Stock Darts and Barracudas. Rated at 425bhp (although more likely over 650), this complete with acid dipped doors, fiberglass hood & fenders, and numerous other weight-reduction techniques got these cars from 0 to 60 in about 3.5 seconds, and boosted them to top speeds of just over 140mph. Needless to say, to this day they dominate the NHRA Super Stock classes.
by Myajd jdg July 01, 2005
We can thank the truck for making skyscrapers, the interstate system, and modern life the wway it is. Without big trucks to hual cargo and supplies, it would still be like the 1800's.
I drive a '93 Dodge D-150 with a 2" lift and 33s. The engine is the old 360 LA model with headers and a brand spankin' new Holley 4-bbl.
by Myajd jdg July 28, 2005
Bastardiation of the pluram form of Hindu (Hindu's.)
Judaism is about 3500-4000 years old. Hinduism ain't that old. Anyone who thinks that is a moron.
by Myajd jdg August 03, 2005
An evil, hate-mongering, supposedly Christian church responsible for as many deaths as Hitler, or maybe more, over the years. Have been around for about 1400 years, and originally did not associate themselves with Christianity.
My great-great-great-great-great Grandmother was alive in 1700's Europe. She was declared a heretic and burned at the stake when my 4x Great Grandmother was only a few years old. - This happened all the time for a few hundred years. They treated poor citizens cruelly, randomly murdered Jews and Muslims, and were cruel to cats and other animals.
by Myajd jdg August 14, 2005
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