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The classic Chevy Nova. The car the the Camaro was based on.
I used to have a triple black '69 Nova SS396.
by Myajd jdg July 29, 2005
A car designed by a guy who has won some very prestigous European races and was good enough for the likes of such people as Buggati and Ferdinand Porsche. Zora Arkus-Duntov.
The 'Vette has won LeMans a few good times over the years. The 'Vette ZL-1 is also one of the fastest cars ever made. The '06 Z/06 will be one of the best handling cars in the world. Plus, it will cost 1/5th that of a base model Ferrari. Now, I only make $80k a year, so it is much more in my price range. I could get a marginally-better performing Ferrari, Porsche, or Lambo if I won the lottery, seeing as the cost 225k, but I doubt that'll happen so I'll stick with a tried & true sports car classic that pulls 0.97g on the skid pad stock and gets to 60 in the low 4-second range.
by Myajd jdg August 16, 2005
A slang term for a fuel-injected automobile, usually from the '50s or '60s.
My grandpa had a '59 Corvette 283 Fuelie.
by Myajd jdg August 19, 2005
The 3rd planet in oour solar system, approximately 93 million miles from the Sun. It has one moon, called the Moon (real original), and its surface is over 70% water. There are 7 landmasses on the surface: N. America, S. America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.

The dominant species is the human. We spend half of our money trying to teach people and cure diseases, and the other half trying to find ways to kill other people (i.e. napalm, shotguns, TNT, machine guns, howitzers, thermonuclear weapons, etc.) The planet is plagged by a terrible affliction called AIDS, which is the result of HIV. No matter what, it started with someone having unprotected sex or someone sharing a dirty syringe. Or a man being bit by a monkey (I hope to God that monkey is burning in hell now).
Welcome to Earth, located in the heartland of the Milky Way galaxy.

Population: approx. 6 billion
by Myajd jdg July 28, 2005
The Dodge Coronet, on which the Charger and Super Bee were based. Originally from the mid '50s, it resurfaced in 1965 as a sporty mid-sized 2-door sedan or 6/9-passenger wagon. It lasted until the early '70s, when it got phased out. By '71, the Charger became its own line and the Super Bee was moved over to the new Charger platform. The performance variant was the R/T model, which started in '67, with the race-prepped 440 Magnum V8 as the standard engine,k and the bulletproof TF727 3spd auto as the standard transmission. Optional were the 425hp 426 Hemi, and the 4spd manual with Hurst linkage (in '70, the manual recieved a competion-type Hurst pistol-grip shifter.) The R/T model was phased out after 1970.
Charger ('66-'74): high-performance, slightly more luxury-oriented version the the Coronet. For '66 and '67, it featured a fastback body and a different dash to differentiate uit from the Coronet. From '68 through '70, it featured a different front-end as the main difference from the Coronet. From 1971 onwards it was completely different, only sharing the B-body (mid-size) base platform with it.
Coronet ('65-'70): A semi-fastback, two-door five-seater with basic ammenities, such as vinyl bucket seats, a floor-shifted 3spd auto, and dual exhausts, except on base models.
Super Bee ('68-'71): A stripped down Coronet (complete withh les insulation), with vinyl bench seat, 3spd manual transmission, hot-cammed 383cid V8, heavy-duty shocks & springs, dual exhausts, and options such as a tachometer and the Hemi.
by Myajd jdg August 14, 2005
Ford 289cid Hi-Po V8
That girl had a '66 Mustang convertible with the 289 Hi-Po. 271hp of small-block performance.
by Myajd jdg August 15, 2005
A modified 440 magnum engine made by MoPar from 1969 to 1972. They took a stock 440, put on an Edelbrock aluminum intake, and stuck on 3 2-bbl. Holley carbs, among other, more minor things. One of the greatest muscle car engines of all time. Could compete with the 426 Hemi, the 428CJ, and the LS6 454. Rated at 390hp, 490ft-lbs.
The '69 Six-Pack Road Runner is one of the fastest cars ever. They can outrun many modern sports car, and look cooler while doing it.
by Myajd jdg June 23, 2005
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