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Unprocessed, unaltered, hair that grows naturally from a person's scalp.

Usually associated with chemically-altered ethnic hair and transitioning hair, new growth is often easily detected. It appears thicker, with greater texture--when relaxed hair begins growing out, and/or is seen as the person's natural hair color--if hair has been color-treated.
It has been over four months since I have had a relaxer and it feels like I have an inch and a half of new growth!
by MyHairLady May 12, 2011
Chemically-processed hair that is purposefully being replaced by allowing one's natural, virgin hair, to grow without further chemical treatment.

The main goal of transitioning to to have all virgin hair.

Especially relevant to black women.
After Sally cuts the last inch of her relaxed hair off, she will be finished transitioning and have all natural hair.
by MyHairLady May 12, 2011
Old-fashioned term for an obstetrician/gynecologist OB-GYN. Often used in an antiquated, humorous, manner.
Question: "Where's Margie?"
Answer: "Oh, she went to the 'lady doctor' to get her parts checked."
by MyHairLady May 12, 2011
A woman who specializes in hair care and uses what she knows to serve others hair-related needs.

A hair doula's role is to help ease frustration, by providing ongoing support and guidance, as people move towards their hair care goals.

Non-medical and not related to birth.
Lady A: I don't know what to do with my new growth. What all do I need to know about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair?

Lady Z: You probably have a lot of questions. I’ll set you up with my hair doula. She’ll teach you exactly what you need to know.
by MyHairLady May 12, 2011

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