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A 14 year old boy who is bald and largely obese who could be the 5th telly tubby
"Look its dipsys twin brother from over the hill and far away!"
by My mum February 06, 2005
A big fat hippo with a fat face and a enormous arse who thinks all the boys want her but she is sadly mistaken!
"You are a big fat katy-may who needs a good smack and liposuction!"
Ave it cunt!
by My mum February 06, 2005
A little midget gobshite who always has an orange face and too much eyeshadow, she is flat chested gobshite. She is obsesed with Wayne and needs to get a life!
"You stupid bitch go and get some boobs and a LIFE and a new face!"
Ha ha ha!
by My mum February 06, 2005
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