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also known as a Tumblr Wedding, it is when a Tumblr User extend a often silly proposal in another Users ask. the asked will then accept, then send his or her own proposal via ask, with a Haiku included. it will be accepted, a Haiku written in response, then the partnership will be highly advertised on both blogs, with both partners forever advertising the other on their blogs. great for co-writers, real life hubbies, and publicity stunts.

(footnote. this is not a legally binding marraige, nor is it exclusively heterosexual or faithful. two, three, or more, participates may be included, and more may be added over time.)
(shanna23) asked: Cara, I wish to ask for your electronic hand in non-exclusive Tumblr Marriage. yours, Shanna.|

Cara-I accept!

(Cara-not) asked:my dear Shanna, I love your humor! I accept and reciprocate you query.
marry me today
and love me never
forever Shanna?

Shanna: I accept!
this is awesome
I want to scream again
no longer alone.
by My Own Knight August 05, 2011

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