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-Girls who-
D.G.A.F. (dont give a fuck)
Love Lifted trucks/lowered tricks, fast cars, dirtbikers, guys that wakeboard, skate, snow board
Have more guy friends than girls
Usually wear brands Like.. SRH, SOCAL, SKIN, 187 INC., MOB INC. (but never at the same time) Ect.
LOVE Sweat suits
Have at least 2 larrge purses
Have Half blonde half black hair
Can kick ANY other bitches ass
Pretty Fuckin Popular!!
Have Tiffany Jewlry (lots of it)
Usualy have SiiCK ass Colored Acrylic tips that flare out
Easy to get along with unless you fuck with them or are more bitchy then them... then watch the FUCK out!
Im prolly the only Bro hoe up in NorCal.. WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!
by My Nails GO June 06, 2007

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