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v. The act of waking up in the morning after a drunken night, wearing a shirt and shoes but no pants. Similar to the wardrobe choices of Porky Pig.
Tom told everyone at the lunch table that he had seen a guy porky pigging it, but they knew he was lying to get friends.

Charlie is always porky pigging it, because he's a lame-ass drunkard.
by My Hibachi March 18, 2006
Adjective- what to call a male who takes on typical 'female' signs of flirting (ie: playing hard to get, being coy, etc.)
I can't take it! He said he liked me and now he's being all boy coy.
by My Hibachi July 23, 2006
A tight-assed editor of Urban Dictionary who refuses definitions that have anything to do with slang (um...isn't that the point of the website?)
I had a really good brokeback mountain definition and some teditor decided it was too inappropriate.
by My Hibachi July 23, 2006
Someone who has skin that has the consistency of oatmeal. See also Charlie and day-old oatmeal.
Charlie is the Oatmeal Man.
by My Hibachi March 18, 2006
A weird middle name, guarenteeing that your child, who is named Franklin, will end the process of procreation forever. because he's a jerk.
I don't want to name my son Franklin or else nobody will ever like him. And if they do, the world will explode.
by My Hibachi March 18, 2006

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