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24 is an Arizona straight edge crew who is infamous for dancing at shows. They find themselves to be xtuffx because they can snap little scene Scottsdale kids in half with their windmills. They will take up the entire pits and beat kids up just because they accidently hit them. They are straight edge supremacists and overreact if anyone makes the decision to smoke or drink. Hardcore Mike is the founder. They are notorious for wearing basketball shorts and jerseys with 24 on it. They are a dying breed.
Innocent Kid: hey, do you have a light for my cig?
Hardcore Mike: DURP DURP! 24, ATTACK!
(kids gets roundhouse kicked by 15 24 members who are Hardcore Mike's bitches)

Scottsdale Scenester: wow! See You Next Tuesday has another breakdown, I am going to dance!
*proceeds to dance*
*they proceed to 2-step overr him and kid gets sent to hospital*

Different acronyms/words they use: AZHXC, AZSXE, Straight Edge Soldiers
#24 #crazy dudes #straight edge #azsxe #hxc
by My Brothers, My Blood November 02, 2006
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