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Shoulder-fired, single-shot weapon that fires rounds capable of blasting holes big enough to walk through and/or killing anything within about 30 feet. Found in the game Red Faction.
I was tired of that building so I shot it with a Fusion Launcher
by MX October 22, 2003
1.)A 14 year old prubescent teenager nerd, who will leave with his dad(s) the rest of his life.

2.)He makes programs for the AIM community by stealing open source program code and editing it.

3.)Another word for a poser who listens to rap/hip hop because he thinks it's cool like his programs.

4.) To hit a faggot nerd, who is self-centered and poserish.
Dude, I just blonked that bitch
by Mx March 11, 2005

The most elitest hacker in the world.

Can 'pwn' any AIM/AOL sn there is.

Is also said to be very intelligent, sexy.


He is reffered to as 'MX' by the AIM Community.
Girl with leeto sn: OMG, someone just stole my screenname!!!
Hacker who knows MX: it was prolly Maxamize
Girl with leeto sn: Alright, I hope he doesn't steal my other 3 characters.
by MX January 23, 2005
Referrs to the 16:9 aspect ratio that movies and some TV shows are filmed in. Many new high-definition TVs have screens capable of displaying this aspect ratio without vertically compressing the image, as would happen when trying to watch a widescreen-formatted movie or show on a traditional TV.
Most DVD movies are in widescreen format. Some video games also support it.
by MX February 09, 2004
1) A very extraordinary hacker who gets paid to do absolutely nothing such as website/ftp exploitation, social engineering, and opticle cryptography processing. See Cam0.

2)To assign the highest importance to.

3)The best.

4)Sometimes Maximize is spelled "Maxamize", when this occurs it is recognized as a flaw to one's spelling, but to hackers it is encouraged as a "1337" way of talking especially when you are referring to MX from the AOL Scene.

5)A computer/graphics mastermind. See Mx also.
- OMG, Maximize. Can you please hack me a website, perferably AOL?

- “the ideal of maximizing opportunity through the equalizing of educational opportunity” (Robert J. Havighurst)"

- I need to Maximize my graphics so I can get more hits on my website! Oh, MX will you develop these images for me?!?
by MX April 28, 2005
A knickname for Knoxville, TN
We saw a rockin' show in kville.
by mx August 30, 2004
A greeting or racist slur, used against BOFH.
Someone: Sup Niglim
BOFH: nm talking to Larney.
Someone: Ok.
by Mx December 14, 2004

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