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The goo that forms in your butt crack that is caused by heavy work, usually in humid areas. Most often moist and sticky, this condition generally causes skid marks, or 7-layer underwear wrecker. The smell of this can be nauseating. If a bad enough case exists, there can be a snail trail left behind when a person stands up.
After unloading that truck in this heat, I got a wicked case of Louisiana Swamp Ass.
by Mutchler January 20, 2006
The massive skid mark left behind after eating, digesting, and farting out Taco Bell. These usually can NOT be washed away.
I am not gonna eat at Taco Bell for awhile, I destroyed my skivies with a 7-layer underwear wrecker. It will never come out.
by Mutchler January 20, 2006
A person with a lazy eye that looks at the wall.
Steve is a walleye, I can't tell if he's looking at me or the wall.
by Mutchler January 21, 2006
A guy whose haircut and facial shape make his head look like Frankenstein's head. A walleye helps this look. Generally this person seems to have about as much common sense as Frankenstein did.
Also this person thinks he is a ladies man, but only goes for big, fat, and ugly women at the end of the night around closing time.
The night he met those girls, Frankenhead turned up his nose. Now he is married to the fattest, ugliest one.
by Mutchler January 21, 2006
Similar to the Cincinnati Steamer in essence. The difference is, the girl is awakened and screams out like Godzilla, then pounds the guy with visious overhand rights.
Matt gave Gina a Regina Steamer, and then he woke up married with a sore jaw.
by Mutchler January 20, 2006
The smell that comes off of a crack head that doesn't shower. These Veranals can be of any age, but usually middle aged. They generally still live with their mothers. They spend all their money on crack, and never have any money for food, new clothes, or even soap, which necessitates the need to live with a parent for life.
That dudes mom dropped him off today, I wonder why she doesn't say something about the Veranalstilskin coming off him.
by Mutchler January 20, 2006
Another name for Crack Head. Also known as Veranals (plural).
Yeah I will give you two bucks for a cheese burger, but not if you are just going to buy a rock and smoke it, veran.

(plural)Look at all the veranals in this neighborhood.
by Mutchler January 20, 2006

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