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Reserve Officer Training Corps. This is a college program that is not to be confused with JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) which is found in many high schools nationwide.

ROTC is a program which consists of military instruction by laboratory, lecture, and physical training. Found on many campus' nationwide. Lower division classes (Freshman or MSI and Sophomore or MSII) are open to anyone. Upper division classes are reserved for contracted cadets.

ROTC specifically trains studets/cadets to become 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army. ROTC offers 4 year to 2 year scholarships which pays full tuition or up to approximately $20,000 a year for educational costs. In addition, $900 per year for books and a monthly stipend is given.

ROTC gives college students/cadet the ability to experience the Army while maintaining a normal college life. There is no obligation until a cadet chooses to contract and recieve scholarship. Obligation is 8 years in the ANRG, Reserves or Active duty.
I became an army officer through the ROTC program at Cal Poly.

ROTC classes are great leadership courses to take if you need more units!
by Mustangs101 January 04, 2007

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