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Mustang: ONE OF THEE GREATEST muscle cars produced throughout history (regardless of what ppl think of the camaro... If its so great and such a competitor why did GM quit producing it?) Ford never quit making the mustang even when sales were at all time lows they continued to sell... Ive also read on here about people ripping on the V6 mustang calling it a ricer... alright I will agree the V6 isnt much.... But I didnt see anything about the V8 stangs or the H.O. 302s(for the ppl that think they're something but dont understand this those are the fast ones...)line that small block up with a good 4 speed and you got a rocket.. should run upper 140s lower 150s(mph)top end stock..(I own a 91 mustang LX with the V8 5.0 302 H.O. so im goin off info that I kno is fact..)if you dont believe me check out a mustang website and learn something. O yea and if you have to ask what H.O. means you wouldnt understand... ;)
any car can be modified to run like a motherfucker alright? so lets compare when they're (((!!!!STOCK!!!!))) cuz its just fuckin dumb to compare a 500 hp camaro vs a 300 hp mustang vice versa right?
by MustangFreak302 June 30, 2007

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