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One who does not believe in a god or gods.
Sometimes stereotyped to be intolerant to religons.
They are not all intolerant. It is simply not believing in a higher being. If one should be free to be a certain religon without being intolerant, one should be free to not believe in a god(s) without being intolerant.

*Not to be confused with agnostic*
How I would hope it would go-
Christain: I'm Catholic.
Athiest: Oh, that's fine.
Christian: Well, what are you?
Athiest: Oh, I'm an athiest.
Christian: Oh, well that's cool.

Ways it may go but not many people would not want-
Religous person: I'm Catholic
Athiest: That's cool.
RP: Well, what about you?
Athiest: Well, I'm an athiest.
RP: You son of a bitch! You're going to Hell, stupid!

RP: I'm Catholic
Athiest: Oh my god! You're so stupid thee is no higher being! The Bible is fictional.
RP: B-B-but
Athiest: No! Shut-up!
by Must I put something here? September 30, 2007

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