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4 definitions by Musicman112rd

Shortening of the worn-out phrase, "technical difficulties."
Ladies and gents, we're having some t diffs, but we'll be moving on shortly.
by Musicman112RD September 27, 2010
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adj: something so kickarse, it's on fire.
Have you heard that new song Paige wrote? It's kickarson!
by Musicman112rd November 24, 2008
19 9
When your touchscreen phone emails someone while in your pocket. The message usually contains a lot of random letters. A slightly less awkward (but still awkward) version of a buttdial.
Oh no, my phone came unlocked in my pocket and buttmailed my boss!
by Musicman112RD February 18, 2011
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When a musician plays a gig that seems to last forever.
Crowd: "Can y'all keep playing for another hour or so? We just wanna keep on dancin'!"

Band: "We just played for 5 hours! Who asks a cover band for an encore? This is well on its way to being an eternigig."
by MusicMan112RD June 15, 2009
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