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Shortening of the worn-out phrase, "technical difficulties."
Ladies and gents, we're having some t diffs, but we'll be moving on shortly.
by Musicman112RD September 27, 2010
adj: something so kickarse, it's on fire.
Have you heard that new song Paige wrote? It's kickarson!
by Musicman112rd November 24, 2008
When your touchscreen phone emails someone while in your pocket. The message usually contains a lot of random letters. A slightly less awkward (but still awkward) version of a buttdial.
Oh no, my phone came unlocked in my pocket and buttmailed my boss!
by Musicman112RD February 18, 2011
When a musician plays a gig that seems to last forever.
Crowd: "Can y'all keep playing for another hour or so? We just wanna keep on dancin'!"

Band: "We just played for 5 hours! Who asks a cover band for an encore? This is well on its way to being an eternigig."
by MusicMan112RD June 15, 2009
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