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The conscious or subconscious act of driving away any and all pussy within a certain defined radius. The act committed by a career cock blocker who may be a nice guy, but should never be counted on as a wing man.
"Jesus Christ, that William may be a nice guy, but he’s the undisputed deity of cock blockery!"

"That ain't no shit brother... we better move out of his orbit before we're victims of a fruitless cunt shopping expedition!"
by Musicguy4fun March 10, 2010
A supposed friend, or wingman that causes distaste, aversion, or the authoritative driving away of potential snatch in a social setting. A cockblocker of the highest magnitude. An artisan, craftsperson or specialist in cock blockery, unrivaled in his finely honed craft of vaginal repulsion. Usually capable of providing an unproductive bearded clam hunt within one hundred feet of his amplitude.
"Wow, we might as well be fags with William here... our bearded clam hunt is fucked for the night!"

"No shit man, that guy has his snatch repellent game on big time!
by musicguy4fun March 10, 2010
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