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A beautiful girl often mistaken for a slut. When most people see a Brittney they usually have something that makes them standout (Large Boobs, Ass, Eyes, etc..) Brittneys are nice and caring. Often have many haters and take everything to heart if you ever meet a Brittney don't let her go, she'll go really far with you and won't give you second chances often. They have amazing personalities and can be annoying at times. Not to mention total badasses, always the first to do something.
Sam: Dammmmn!

Riley: What?

Sam: Check her out!

Riley: Oh that's brittney.

Sam: She's HOT

Riley: Yeah & She has a nice personality.

Sam: AND SHE'S FUCKING HOT! I'd tap that!

Riley: No Shit.
by MusicRomance May 25, 2010

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