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a genre of music which was previously known simply as Spanish Reggae. Artist known as El General from Panama and other pioneer artists began the movement which sounded like the Jamaican Reggae of that time. The Spanish Reggae classic "Te ves buena" by El general is actually the "Hmm...Mommie, Mommie" dancehall joint. "El Gran Pana" is the spanish version of "Don Dadda" These early Spanish Reggae classics even made their way into the Jamaican Reggae scene. This genre has evolved to what is now called Reggaeton and its pure garbage. Annoying choruses and high pitched voices attempting to rap over very simple beats which all sound the same make this the worst genre of music I've ever heard. By the way I am a Latino. Latinos were listening to Rap, Hip Hop and (true) Reggae until this Reggaeton went commercial. Anyone who knows music knows this is music at its worst! Props to the pioneers of this music who stayed true to the form but this new generation of Spanish Reggae sucks. Hopefully it will die out in at least another year. If it is so good why are the Latino Djs the only ones promoting this Basura(Garbage)?
Reggaeton music is for the retards with no taste in music. "I listen to Reggaeton because every other immigrant is listening to it too" Create your own original music and stop biting off of other's ideas and saying it in spanish.
by Music Lovers January 05, 2006

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