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JAS (adjective)

Originated in the Western Cape, South Africa this word has various meanings.

Firstly "Jas" can refer to anything satisfactory.

"This pasta is Jas"

"Wow, this remix is Jas"

It can also be used in a sentence to further express a job being completed well.
"The way Ash mauled that weed was Jas"

"Charlie jus hit the most Jas bong I've ever seen"
The last example emphasizes the manner in which Charlie hit the bong (as being impressive) however could also refer to the size of the bong (large).

"Jas" can also be used as a sarcastic reply to a question or incident to express the stupidity of the question or incident.

After breaking the first bong, Josh then asked if he could borrow the new one.

In reply Reg exclaimed : "Are you JAS?"

Implying - "are you being for real?" or disbelief at the question even being asked.

Lastly and most commonly it is used as a single word to express extreme happiness or pleasure at a certain situation or circumstance.

After Drey bought JC a Big Tasty from McDonalds JC expressed his happiness by simply saying - "Jas"


Marisa walks into the room wearing nothing but her towel

Andy replies by simply saying - "Jas"
Drey - "Wow, this remix is Jas"
by Mushy Mountaineering ™ December 12, 2011
The biggest neutral creep in a popular computer game called DoTa. Dota is a map of Warcraft 3 Frozen Frone, Roshan is a huge rock figure in the game and generally requires a few team mates to kill. When he dies he releases an item called Aegis of the Immortal which allows a player to come back to life as soon as they die. After you kill roshan he will respawn after 10 minutes. After you kill him three times he releases an item called Cheese which, instantly gives you a health and a mana boost.
"Lets Rosh" - Means the team will go kill Roshan

"Im gna kill Roshan" - Self explanatory

"They might be at Rosh" - The opposite team assuming their enemy is at Roshan's location
by Mushy Mountaineering ™ April 28, 2011

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