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2 definitions by MushroomHead

1. Someone who is from Ireland. the Irish have been given many stereotypes (both positive and negative)
2. some American who thinks it's cool to be Irish and so proclaims that they are indeed "Irish" because their great great grandfather may or may not have come from Ireland. see Poser.
Irishman: "i am from Ireland, thus i am IRISH"

Poser: "my Great, great Grandfather's cousin once met an Irishman, thus i am Irish"
by MushroomHead July 31, 2005
A shop designed for ravers and other drugged up weirdos. pretty awesome shop but i wouldn't pay £80 for a tshirt with a light on the front. located in Camden town.
Raver: "lets go to cyberdog"
raver #2: "i can't afford their overpriced merchendise because i spent all my money on E's"
Raver: "who cares about buying stuff, Cyberdog is teh awesome!"
by MushroomHead August 24, 2005