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just about anybody, next thing ya know emos will start cursing their own existance and blame god for being born an emo, and become emo haters themselves. Ritualisticly writing "i hate you i hate you i hate you" on their bathroom mirrors with the blood of their pinky coz they're too pussy to actually get themselves to cut their wrists
emo:*mumbling to himself like the fucktard he is "the pain of eternal darkness bursts from my heart like the zit puss of a melancholy one-eyed, one-legged, one-balled cockroach"
,*bumps into another guy coz he's too busy decaying with sorrow.
guy: watch it fag.
emo:*takes the remark like a stab to the heart and starts noticing today's field of negative emotions surrounding his lonely entity from emo haters all across the galaxy and begins to attempt stabbing his ear with a pencil that is unluckily unsharpened then begs for death to take his lowly existance and acknowledges his infiriority
...its about time pal, join the fucking club
by Mushroom hugger February 23, 2007

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