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This is basically a full on replica of a fat sweaty dick. Looks, taste, and smells just like a fat sweaty dick. Thats it. The only difference is that this is not attached to a human. This is also know to get mixed up with the Framshister. They are completely different things.
Wow that Framshaft is ten times bigger than mine.
by Mush bag December 07, 2010
The feeling you get when you smoke three blunts. This is nothing to mess with your world will be fucked once you hit the stage of Mmmchacka. It is usually described in a question by the person that had reached Mmmchacka.
Dude 1: Hey man u smoked alot of weed. Are you ok?

Dude 2: Mmmchacka?
by Mush bag December 08, 2010
A full scale replica of a fat steamy pussy. Thats it. It looks, smells, and tastes just like a fat steamy pussy. The only difference is is that you cant fuck one of these.
Oh goodness the Framshister is so awesome but has no purpose for me.
by Mush bag December 07, 2010
A form of torture involving very saggy nuts. A person is suspended in a form that lets their "shit" hang for another person to punch very hard. It hurts very bad.
Dude my Mushy Nuts hurt really bad last night.
by Mush bag December 06, 2010

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