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Refers to being 'native' to an area. Can relate to any native population in the world. Commonly used in Canada and Australia. Is mostly connected to the First Australian Nations.

The Aboriginal people of Australia - some proper terms for Aboriginal people include :- Koori (NSW & VIC), Murri (QLD), Palawa (TAS), Nunga (SA), Nyoongar (South WA) Archaelogical evidence shows existence of Aboriginal people here up to 60,000 years ago and the time keeps extending. This is older than anything previously found in Europe, Asia and the whole world.

Aboriginal people are survivors. The whites took the land, shot and killed our people, raped our women, took our children and now want to wrap our culture in bubble wrap and sell it to Japanese tourists. We are the oldest continuing culture on earth.

Aboriginal people are proud of who they are. We have a lot to offer Australia. We know things about this land that whites haven't even dreamed about, and care for country better than anyone.
"what is your background"
"I am Aboriginal"
"Why don't you go poo in the bush"
"Yeah? Gladly. But you white fellas won't let me"
by MurriGURRL December 12, 2009

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