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A phrase that is popular among high school/college students and other people who live their lives outside of the societal norm that is used upon the realization that they will soon be entering the drab form of existence where they work behind a desk or counter for 40-50 years, pay taxes and bills, drink cheap beer while watching sporting events or movies on the weekends, wait for the next video game system or iphone to come out, plan trips to Europe, and find a significant other that will help them bring other useless fucks into this world to continue this helpless, modern era cycle of chasing down the newest commercialized good while contributing not a single bit of positive productivity to the world in return.
Person 1 - "Man, I graduate soon. I can't believe it."

Person 2 - "No kidding. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Maybe I'll try to become an accountant or work as a manager for some large retail chain. I heard they get good benefits. Time for The Real World, I guess."

Person 1 - "I think I'll just go drown myself in that lake over there. Its not like I'll be doing anything for the next 50 years anyways."
by Murrdawg88 April 20, 2011
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