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It's one of a woman's two nipples...Every woman has a horny nipple...'The' nipple,when given a sexy squeeze, twist,or a light blow,will instantly set her on fire,getting her horny & moist-day or night...The panties drop on site!!
"Ya ever heard of a horny nipple? My wife's got one of them there horny nipples...it's her left one...you give that sucker a tweak...it's over!!!
by Murray St. James May 24, 2010
Referring to a 'tweaker' or someone whom uses meth-amphetamines,when they clearly should not be...& Although the dope fiends have enough speed in their system to stay awake for two weeks,they are 'overamped' and incapable of speaking,moving, or performing the simplest task in a manner other than that befitting Frankenstein...
Dude's been up for 4 days on meth...Look at how slow and confused he is!!! Steer clear of him, he's officially turned into Tweakenstein!!!
by Murray St. James May 24, 2010
mojonomics is a financial term combining the principles of a free market,with the principals of karma,aura,chi or energy...It's the balance of cost effectiveness with one's personal spiritual journey thru the material world....
It just makes good mojonomics sense to spend our last $200 on cocaine & bourbon for the party tonite!!! That's a gift that just keeps on givin'...mojonomically speaking...it's a home run!!!
by Murray St. James May 24, 2010
To completely lose all sense of reality and reason while under the influence of speed. To be completely lost with no earthly sense of location. To lose all sense of time and space. To mistaken cows for humans and their moo's for a foreign language. To become so confused that going Whamsley results in ones own death.
He's been awake for days and now he's walking around in circles mumbling to himself,"Where I'm going...I don't need no wallet..." I'm afraid he might go whamsley on us.
by Murray St. James November 27, 2010
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