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The dude whom it is forbidden to draw. No cartoons! Causes rioting and discord. Strange.
Man! Did you see those crazy ragheads rioting over those silly cartoons of mohammed?
by Murray Rothbard February 08, 2006
A name given to many of the freelance lunatics who are wrecking the entire libertarian movement. This includes so-called "anarchists" and others who call themselves libertarians but who would really fit in better in the Democratic party or an insane asylum.

The term also describes Libertarian Party members who actually believe their group can win the presidency.
1. Keep an eye on your wife and your stuff around that losertarian.

2. Those losertarians haven't got a snowball's chance.
by Murray Rothbard January 11, 2006
Pronounced "con-yay-doe"; a mimicry of spanish. Similar in use to "dirka dirka", which is used to mimic mideast tongues.
Paul yells out "conjedo! conjedo! conjedo!" every time we pass a group of wetbacks hanging out in the Home Depot parking lot.
by Murray Rothbard March 08, 2006
A mansogynist is a woman who deeply hates men. This is the female counterpart to the misogynist, a man who deeply hates women. Like the misogynist, a mansogynist harbors murderous rage, which when acted out results in criminal acts such as stalking, harassment, and violence.
Wow Dave, you should stay away from Carol; she's a mansogynist. She stalked her last four boyfriends!
by Murray Rothbard December 08, 2006
A former employer who is furious at you for leaving before they could trump up a reason to fire you. Usually found in companies that believe they own their employees.
Bob: "I'm still getting threatening emails from my old boss."

Dave: "You should call the police; you have a Disgruntled Former Employer."
by Murray Rothbard April 05, 2008
Ebonics contraction of the phrase "See what I'm sayin."

Translation into American English: "Do you understand?"
Rashawndre: "Zeeumzayin?" (Do you understand?)

LaRonda: "I know that's right!" (Yes, I understand.)
by Murray Rothbard April 11, 2008
Droughtburst: A rainy weather pattern that works in complete opposite to the arrid dry conditions the weathermen predict.

Joe: "I'm going to strangle that stupid weatherman! Every day he tells us we're in a drought!"

Dave: "It's raining cats and dogs outside right now!"

Joe: "Must be another one of those droughtbursts!"
by Murray Rothbard April 29, 2008

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