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Public Twittering. Shouting out exactly what you are doing at the moment in 140 characters or less. Also serves to call attention to yourself.
Dude: I'm going to order a large cheese pizza! I hope I can finish it all! Yum!

Dude #2: Bro, you've been pwittering every five minutes...chill.
by Murphy L. Piddleton April 16, 2009
Idle chit-chat, small talk, or casual conversation for the digital age. Short conversation meant to encapsulate an informal thought or idea. Also useful for people with short attention spans in the "Twitter" era.
Dude: Bro, I saw Gary the other day down at the bodega.

Dude #2: Oh yeah, you ask him about his divorce?

Dude: Nah, just some nano-speak about the weather and TV. I didn't want to get into a long conversation about his pain.

Dude #2: His wife was hot.
by Murphy L. Piddleton April 16, 2009
Public Blogging. Standing on a street corner and spouting off everything from uninformed political discourse, musings on failed relationships, recipes, or similar blog-worthy topics. A method of attracting attention to yourself.
Dude: OMG, is that guy homeless and crazy? He's ranting about Darfur, but he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about.

Dude #2: Bro, he's plogging. Should we post a comment?

Dude: Sure.

Dude #2 (shouting): You're an idiot!
by Murphy L. Piddleton April 16, 2009
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