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3 definitions by Murph McGirt

See murph. A female form of a murph.
- note - very rare
Jane is a furph which means she loves to sniff panties, toilet seats and asses
by Murph McGirt December 09, 2003
10 1
Noun - A fleshy, flappy and hangy woman's vagina characterized by a brownish hue.
The girls Roast beef au jus was so foul it looked like it could be put in a roll with some gravy, horseradish and a slice of provalone cheese.
by Murph McGirt December 09, 2003
19 27
after a period of not showering, a person works up a sweat and then procedes to take two fingers and starting from the asshole, wipe upwards over the taint and up to the balls. The juice that is accumulated on the fingers must then be used to wipe under a foe's nose so that the smell can be enjoyed for days.
I gave George a "zot" because he is a dick
by Murph McGirt December 09, 2003
25 43