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The act of candy-bagging with multiple partners. An orgy. "Bagging" a large amount of "candy" at once.
"Dude, I am gonna bag some bulk candy tonight"

"You bagged some candy last night!? Did you buy in bulk!?"
by Murjangles DeFrank May 04, 2005
Sexual activity, more specifically the act of placing one's body part ("candy") into any of a partner's body parts ("bag"). Getting action; of a sexual nature. Scoring.
see also: bulk candy.
"Dude, did you bag any candy last night?"

"I am sooo gonna candy-bag with LaFawnda tonight!"

Joe: "What are you doin' right now man?"
Damian: "Yo, I'm candy-baggin'. Call me back later."
by Murjangles DeFrank May 04, 2005

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