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A very close minded person. (Kill em all)
Redneck Bill is such a raving biggot bastard.
by Murderous Joe August 27, 2003
The Man who runs www.feminem.com. He is a master in web design and graphic design. He also has composed several CD's which are for sale on his web site. Many Femi-Fans go to his site in defence of their idol Feminem, but get shot down every time.
DJ Jake has just created 700,000 songs.
by Murderous Joe January 06, 2004
A site owned by DJ Jake who is a great man and should be respescted by everyone, even the lowly femi-fans
Feminem.com will never be torn down!
by Murderous Joe October 07, 2003
A group of government agents who are in search for Jesus, with the aid of the sex detector gun.
The Jesus Patrol has yet to find the Jesus.
by Murderous Joe December 11, 2003
The new term for Femi-Fans, but in a more general sense. Not only describes those who hate on Feminem.com because they suport Feminem, but also those who don't support Feminem, but hate on Feminem.com reguardless.
Man, all these crusts are hating on us. Why don't they get a life?
by Murderous Joe March 23, 2005
A very kind and loyal woman. Never have I met anyone I've come so close with in such a small amount of time. She truly is a wonderful person and should realize it. She is also a very naturally beautiful woman, whom I would be honored to be with. Anyone who hates on her, (Such as the fake MJoe, who is trying to front that he is me) is obviously an asshole, because she don't flame anyone who doesn't deserve it.
I do love Echolette and proud of it.
by Murderous Joe March 23, 2005
A great band, never heared of them you say? Well they're undergound silly little person.
Hey did you hear AEPOC's CD?
by Murderous Joe September 01, 2003

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