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A nation of people that are often Stereotyped. I am here today to give the facts behind the opinion.
A. Bad teeth- Well, er, okay, this one's true.
B. Overweight- Er, well, I guess this one's true too.
E. Posh accents- I personally have a posh accent, as I come from Oxford :) But there's many other accents; such as Cockney Geordie and Brummie.
F. Swear a lot- I don't know what the fuckinghell you're talking about!
G. Bad on Xbox live- Well, not a lot of English men or women even go on Xbox live. It's normally teens or children, who have not yet matured. It's kinda unfair to base the whole of England from these people, that all the English hate too.
H. Rude- Well, we're more sarcastic than rude.
I. Hate Americans- Actually, this one's not true. Most English people love the Americans, and it's just the small majority that go around on Xbox live slagging off the Americans. But they're not even considered as English people, they have their own race called 'chav'
K. Drink a lot of tea- Ok, I can't deny this one.

I hope that cleared some things up for you! Have a nice day, and cheerio!
Just go watch Charlieissocoollike or Nerimon to find out what English people are really like and get off your Xbox. The chavs are not people. They are witches and should be burnt at the stake.
by Murderburger April 17, 2011

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