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In the movie Friday the character D Bo stole everybodys stuff. So now it is used in the same way, for instance - Dang boy that kid just D Bo ed your watch.
#d bo #deboed #debo #took #stolen #jacked #jack
by Murda 1 October 09, 2005
fubu or bufu, buy us, fuck you!
Fubu's stupid for us buy us that's crap. I'm going to make a T.V show called WET White Entertainment Television. That's what I'm talking about, and I'll bet they'll bitch like a motha fucker to even though they got one of there own. Oh and wheres white history month? That's bullshit I aint beat no black MoFo's so why do I got to suffer? All I got to say is FOOK OFF!!!!!
#fubu #bufu #murda 1 #fook off #f-dub #psycho killaz #pk
by Murda 1 October 09, 2005
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