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A person of a once royal family whose status has slowly and steadily decreased within the past 500 years. They are sometimes classified as peasants and descend from the Scandinavian region. Their personalities are usually awkward, and their laugh is very distinct. A common Mupp is usually ashamed of oneself because of their shockingly ugly appearance.
You look rather Muppish today in your Finnish peasant get-up.
by Mupp2 March 29, 2010
A ginger that has attempted to make their hair darker by bringing fire to it. Usually matches. A burnt ginger is usally a rather muppy person. Burnt gingers stick together; in times of peril-in their own "cult-like" groups or clans.
Did you see that girl lighting her hair on fire? Definitely a burnt ginger.
by Mupp2 March 29, 2010

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