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1. Often used by homosexual people as an outburst.
e.g. "I'm totally having a Spazzamatazz right now"
by Munki February 23, 2005
1. Synonym for faggot.
2. A stupid person.
3. One who fags the nut.
e.g. "You faggernut"
by Munki June 25, 2004
A butt-ugly, under-powered Vauxhall hatchback (originally designed for housewives to get the weekly shopping in). Now 'modded' and driven by spotty oiks in baseball caps. Can usually be found in the car park of Halfords or McDonalds. A car that a chav of ned aspires to.
Yeah man that Nova is pure bling...ya' know what I mean?
by Munki October 15, 2003
The desire to engage in copulation with one's lover/partner.
I lub you
by Munki April 02, 2004

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